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Protecting your network from malicious attackers

Vulnerability scanning helps identify security flaws and monitors your systems for potential weak points.

Scans should be conducted on a regular basis, but in reality few organisations have the necessary resources. This often means vulnerability scanning becomes an infrequent event. But with networks and applications constantly being updated, this can be insufficient and leave your organisation vulnerable. Adopting a managed approach provides a secure alternative.

Key benefits

Locate and secure your network vulnerabilities

Assure Vulnerability Scanning enables you to scan your network for potential weaknesses on a regular basis – without placing an additional burden on your IT and security resources. The service delivers:

  • Enhanced security: we respond to threats in realtime, enabling you to take advantage of our expertise and resolve network issues before they harm your business.
  • Reduced management complexity: we manage the setting up, scheduling and maintenance of the scan service, only alerting your team to genuine security threats.
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance: specialised options provide the quarterly scans and fixes required to comply Payment Card Industry aduit procedures.
  • Flexible package options: there are three scanning options; monthly, weekly and unlimited – enabling you to choose the timing and frequency that works best for you.
  • Cost efficiency: integrates with Assure Threat Monitoring services enabling you to outsource network security to a single provider – simplifying maintenance and delivering economies of scale

Key features and benefits

Identify threats outside and inside your network

Key features of Assure Vulnerability Scanning include:

  • Detailed scan reports: these show you where vulnerabilities have been identified on your systems and provide resolution recommendations.
  • Service availability: scans can be scheduled to be conducted at any time of day, 365 days a year, to minimise disruption to your business operations.
  • Flexible deployment options: scans can be customised to meet your needs. Options include entire address-range and address-specific coverage.
  • Internal and external scanning: vulnerability scanning helps protect your network from outside attacks as well as identifying internal threats such as rogue software.
  • PCI approved scans: since BT is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), you can obtain scan reports for the relevant card processing systems.
  • Robust infrastructure: the service is offered through our Secure Operations Centres (SOCs), which are hardened against physical or network-borne threats to protect your scan data.
  • Trend identification: enhanced dashboard reporting through the BT portal enables you to identify problem areas and spot security trends quickly.

Detailed description

The managed approach to network vigilance

Assure Vulnerability Scanning helps you to protect your infrastructure from the threat of malicious attackers. The service enables you to locate, identify and understand your network’s security vulnerabilities and provides the first step to securing them.

Every update to your infrastructure brings the potential for new vulnerabilities along with the benefit delivered. If, like most organisations, you are continually updating systems, granting access to users and installing new applications, then vulnerability scanning needs to be an on-going process in order to effectively protect your business-critical assets.

Assure Vulnerability Scanning frees you from the complexities of setting up, scheduling and maintaining regular security scans, enabling your IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.

Identify your weak points

We create and maintain an inventory of your assets to help identify your vulnerabilities and provide specific recommendations for enhancing security. We offer internal and external scans on a weekly, monthly or unlimited basis. This enables you to minimise disruption since scans can be conducted at a time convenient for your business operations.

Scans can be customised to cover an entire address range or only the network devices that are monitored and/or managed by BT. All scans are correlated across data from vendors as well as data from our proprietary correlation engine. After each scan is completed, we provide you with an executive summary, a detailed scan report and resolution recommendations, available 24/7 via the BT portal.

A package to meet your needs

There are two packages of Assure Vulnerability Scanning available, Full Service and Self- Service. The Full Service option lets you outsource all elements of vulnerability scanning to BT. This helps you to reduce the burden on your internal IT resources as well benefit from our expertise and experience.

The Self-Service option is suitable if you prefer to self-administer the scans but would benefit from the additional features Assure Vulnerability Scanning offers, such as our database of known vulnerabilities and remediation management.

Technical specs

Expert support from identification through to resolution

There are two stages to Assure Vulnerability Scanning

Stage 1: The initial setup

All of our security engagements begin with an initial integration period, which is included with all contracts at no additional charge. During this period you will be assigned an integration team who will work alongside your IT and Security staff. The integration team will introduce you to key BT personnel, practises and terminologies, as well as ensuring your network devices are tuned and base-lined to minimise the risk of false-positives. This is where the scan identifies a potential vulnerability that may not actually exist.
Our internal scan requires the installation of an on-site scanning device which is complemented by our external scanners. The integration team will also assist you in developing contact trees and escalation protocols to be followed in the event of an emergency. Contact with the team will usually consist of approximately one hour per week over the phone, with additional support available online.

Stage 2: Ongoing monitoring

Once the integration stage is complete, we can begin monitoring your network for potential vulnerabilities. During this stage, you will receive detailed reports that not only identify security flaws, but also provide specific remediation information – enabling your administrators to fix the root cause of the problem. When an incident occurs, our Security Operations Centres (SOCs) provide on-going assistance until the situation has been resolved to your satisfaction. 

Who should buy

Simplify and enhance network monitoring

Assure Vulnerability Scanning can be of benefit if you are constantly updating your IT systems but don’t have the internal resources or expertise to conduct and analyse a high volume of network scans. The service can also help you if your organisation has a number of large disparate networks and is looking to consolidate management of vulnerability scanning.

Since BT is a MasterCard Site Data Protection (SDP) certified scanning vendor, the service can also be of significant benefit if you are required to comply with the SDP program, Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), or other data privacy guidelines.

Assure Vulnerability Scanning complements and enhances our Assure Threat Monitoring services by cross-referencing realtime monitoring data against a continuously updated asset inventory. This makes it the ideal service if you are an existing Assure Threat Monitoring customer looking to benefit further from outsourcing to security specialists.



Assure Vulnerability Scanning is available globally.

Why BT

A leader in network security

Choosing Assure Vulnerability Scanning enables you to benefit from:

There are six good reasons to choose BT for your security and compliance needs:

  • Depth of experience in managed security: BT has more than 15 years experience providing managed security for enterprises and governments.
  • A commitment to global reach and scale: we have 11 Secure Operation Centres around the globe monitoring networks in 170 different countries.
  • Range of visibility and insight: we can monitor and compare security data from any of your critical assets able to send us system logs.
  • Objective security advice: BT has a close technical relationship with the leading security product vendors.
  • Strong commitment: our investment in managed security to deliver the best security infrastructure is second to none.
  • Advanced correlation technology: we correlate your network information with our database of real-world threats, attack signatures, patterns and known vulnerabilities.



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