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Key benefits

Extra security for you and your customers

As more organisations embrace online services and remote working, it’s vital that you have a reliable way of authenticating identities. Our strong, multi-factor service gives you an extra level of online security for you and your customers.

High level security
The system supplements the traditional name and password with another one-time password generated by a device or software you give to the user.

Improve customer confidence and boost your brand
One-time passwords as well as pass phrases and grids remind your customers of your extra security procedures each time they log on, giving them confidence in your brand, and helping to put off fraudsters.

Quick and easy
With no hardware, software, development or ongoing maintenance costs, you can add our authentication procedures to your system easily and quickly. Our teams will get you up and running and support you once the service is in place, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

What it costs

What it costs

Get in touch with your account manager for detailed information on pricing or click “Get a quote”.

More reasons to buy

We have the experience and the technology

We’re known and trusted for providing IT services on a global scale. And you’ll benefit from the years of identity and access management experience we’ve built up across international markets.

We’re the world’s number one managed security services IT outsourcing provider. And in January 2010 we got the highest rating among the world’s leading IT security service vendors in Datamonitor’s Black Book of Outsourcing report.

We’re one of just two providers with a ‘comprehensive’ ranking for managed security services in Forrester’s Market Overview: Managed Security Services (Forrester Research Inc, March 2010).

With 1,300 security experts, we’re one of the world’s biggest practices devoted to security and business continuity.

We invest heavily in security-related research and development each year and currently have 108 registered patents, with more than 190 published security papers.

In line with our policy of using the best technology, our service is based on the market-leading ActivIdentity ‘4Tress’ authentication platform.

We operate the service to ISO27001 standards from secure data centres using permanent BT staff, so you and your customers get complete security.

Technical specifications

Better security and more productivity

Our service is based on the class-leading ActivIdentity 4Tress authentication server platform and it comes as a ‘black box’ service. It’s easy to replicate for new customers, as it’s connected using standard web services calls over the internet and it comes from secure BT data centres. It’s fully resilient too, with mirrored processors and power supplies.

Complete security: Our service is operated to ISO27001 standards in a secure environment by permanent BT staff. No personal data needs to be transmitted to or stored by BT.

Simple to set up and use: Standard web calls are embedded in the protected application wherever you need strong authentication. We examine every anonymous user and device ID to make sure the password is valid for that user from their token at that time.

Flexibility: You can choose from a wide range of authentication technologies to support your future plans and help you develop. Options include One-time Passwords (OTP); Challenge/Response or Prompted Data Signing in line with the MasterCard Chip Authentication Program (CAP); OATH or proprietary OTP based on a variety of physical format or software tokens. We’re also continually exploring other new authentication technologies.

Our managed service prevents unauthorised access or tampering in these ways:

  • managed firewalls protecting all access to the platform
  • Network-Based Intrusion Detection (NBID) across all network interfaces to the platform
  • physically secure server farm
  • Signature Host-Based Intrusion Prevention (HBIP) across all platforms
  • hardened operating systems
  • making sure only BT staff with token-based 2FA authentication get access to the production platforms
  • tamper-evident audit logs.


Available across the UK

Managed Authentication is available to businesses anywhere in the UK.



The solution, provided by BT in association with ActivIdentity Corporation, a global leader in strong authentication and credential management, is built around the hosted 4TRESS authentication server. This gives a central authentication service which can take a wide range of user credentials. The 4TRESS server works with customer-held tokens that generate a one-time transaction password.

Service Level Agreements

Great service, or you pay less

Our Service Level Agreements mean you pay less if we don’t meet our commitments for providing and managing your service.



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