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The benefits

Secure, non-repudiable message exchange

Whether you’re providing transaction banking services for corporate clients, payment processing services or post-trade services for financial markets, you need cost-effective and timely secure message exchange with your trading counterparts, your service users and your clients. You need to do this without compromising operational security, overburdening your in-house IT staff or running the risk of losing messages.

BT Radianz Messaging provides secure and cost-effective messaging capabilities and uses the highest commercially-available level of security. We can help you to drive down the cost of securely exchanging financial messages. We help you achieve this by offering one-stop provisioning and support as part of a fully-managed solution that includes gateways, network connectivity and application integration.

BT Radianz Messaging can handle a variety of financial message standards, including ISO 20022, ISO 15022, FIX Protocol, FpML, domestic standards and proprietary formats. It can operate over the BT Radianz Cloud, over other elements of the global BT network and over the public internet.

One of the BT Radianz Messaging Services is BT SettleNET. BT SettleNET is a managed service that links financial institutions internationally with CREST, the central securities depository for the electronic settlement of UK, Irish and international securities, operated by Euroclear UK & Ireland

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Reducing costs


When you have to exchange financial messages with customers, counterparts, market participants and market infrastructures on a daily basis, making sure that those messages get from end to end securely and reliably can add significantly to your operational costs. Like most business operations, messaging is a “volume business,” and using the same infrastructure to process more messages creates economies of scale. Rationalising messaging systems and the underlying communications infrastructure that those systems use can generate significant economies.

More reasons to buy

Managing multiple message standards on different platforms can be complex and time consuming. Having a secure messaging system that can handle a variety of financial message standards helps you to consolidate message volumes. Migrating towards a more standardised messaging platform for your enterprise is a huge challenge, and it’s therefore vital to have the right foundation on which to build that platform – a foundation that can deal with your operations as they work today but that can also support and enable your migration to a more standardised approach in a controlled and synchronised manner.

Technical specs

Modern technology to secure messages

We will work with you to ensure we deliver a solution which meets your requirements. In addition to BT Radianz Messaging, we can offer a range of additional BT products and services The following services may be included as part of your tailored BT Radianz Messaging solution:

  • Ability to interact with your counterparties
  • BT Radianz Cloud connectivity enabling you to benefit from a service that carries a very high level of availability. Other connectivity options are available including other elements of the global BT network and the public internet.
  • Soft gateways for providing secure messaging through the public Internet
  • Gateway application and operating software to provide interfaces to your applications
  • Choose from a list of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to suit your specification and priorities
  • Network-based management as BT monitors the service through the network, but has no access to the content of any of your messages
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) as BT acts as Registration Authority and Certification Authority to confirm the authenticity of users.


For financial institutions globally

BT Radianz Messaging can operate over the BT Radianz Cloud, over other elements of the global BT network and over the public internet. BT Radianz Messaging is available in selected countries across all regions (Americas, UK, Europe and AMEA). To find out more, enquire now or contact your BT account manager.



Key areas where BT Radianz Messaging with its non-repudiable proof-of-receipt can be of greatest advantage include:

  • bank-to-corporate and transaction banking
  • post-trade clearing & settlement operations
  • reporting to market regulators
  • delivery of services by central banks, CCPs and CSDs
  • payment processing
  • delivery of services by ACHs and payment processors


Service Level Agreement


BT Radianz Messaging delivers a very high level of availability, and all BT Radianz Messaging infrastructure is replicated across a minimum of two data centres. BT Radianz Messaging is designed never to lose a single message and to provide non-repudiable proof of delivery of all messages. You can choose from a list of SLAs to suit your specification and priorities.



BT Radianz Services overview

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How the BT Radianz Cloud supports the largest secure networked financial community in the world

BT for Financial Services – Compliance

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Meeting the needs of an increasingly regulated environment


BT SettleNET datasheet

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BT Radianz Messaging

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Fully managed, secure, end-to-end financial messaging