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Let BT manage your security and compliance needs

The snowballing demands of regulation have created a growing need for data privacy and compliance auditing. The challenge of mapping and archiving your entire history of network activity and system logs can become a costly and time consuming burden.

Let BT manage your security, archiving and compliance requirements. Your entire downtime and compliance history can be fully mapped and available for audit reporting on demand.

Key benefits

A vision of a secure, prosperous and compliant future

Benefits of Assure Log Retention include:


Our data storage and archiving product gives you:

  • Fast monitoring and incident response: immediate alerts give you the capability to respond swiftly to potential security incidents.
  • Confidentiality: logins are monitored routinely and encryption is standard.
  • Trend analysis: security incidents are logged, analysed and patterns detected.


Assure Log Retention will help you achieve compliance by supplying:

  • Comprehensive log archiving: raw log data is archived and indexed in perpetuity to meet data retention regulations.
  • Analysis: high volumes of raw log content are summarised for you in convenient reports.
  • Easy access: you are able to deliver an immediate and detailed response to any customer or regulatory inquiry.

Financial advantage

Assure Log Retention empowers you to:

  • Assess risk: adjusting business plans accordingly.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership: by employing fewer personnel.
  • Retain existing infrastructure: no need to invest in a costly storage area network (SAN).
  • Manage operational efficiency: reducing network downtime and vulnerability.

Key features and benefits

Managing threat detection and compliance

Government and industry regulatory compliance mandates have created a growing demand for data privacy and protection audits. Organisations of all sizes are obliged to store all IT system logs. They must also provide immediate and historical evidence of access, activity and configuration changes for applications, servers and network devices.

Assure Log Retention, can help your organisation streamline and centralise audit reporting of security incidents. Features include:

A remote data storage solution that:

  • Protects your intellectual property, financial data and business plans.
  • Processes many terabytes of logs.
  • Includes effective risk management advice.
  • Collects and filters data and system logs.

The ability to access and audit vital data immediately by:

  • Providing a variety of report templates.
  • Preserving all logs in unaltered form.
  • Presenting valid statistical comparisons across platforms and applications.

Assisting your organisation to prosper with:

  • Secure and searchable archiving.
  • Detailed performance analysis over any selected period of time.
  • Security consulting services available 24/7.

Detailed description

A lasting marriage of convenience and security

Meeting the challenge of compliance

Assure Log Retention, enables your organisation to meet compliance guidelines. BT can take over the time-consuming process of mapping network activity to audit reporting. This will enable you to enjoy streamlined and centralised audit reporting of security incidents.

We deliver global compliance reporting and access to all current enterprise log data. We provide you with forensics capability through archived security incidents and archived log data.

Let BT do the work for you

The BT service collects and filters every one of your organisation's logs from all connected data sources, including networks, servers and applications.

When combined with Assure Threat Monitoring, this information is forwarded to our Managed Security Solutions Operations Centres (SOCs) for correlation, analysis, storage and reporting. Rapid data analysis delivers immediate notification of potential threats or system downtime so that hackers, viruses and attempted fraud can all be effectively countered.

Trouble-free implementation

BT Assure Log Retention, will be integrated and optimised within your existing infrastructure during a preliminary integration period.

Following integration of your data sources, BT can begin monitoring your network 24/7. We can alert you immediately to any anomalous behaviour. When an incident occurs, you will receive on-going assistance until the issue has been resolved. You can view your network status at any time via a web portal. System logs are viewable online for six months before being securely archived offline.

Even outside of emergency situations, you can depend on assistance from our SOC analysts and your BT Account Team.

Technical specifications

Securing your peace of mind

Assure Log Retention, combines data collection, analysis and problem solving. The technical components include:

Protection on a global scale

  • Gathering system logs and other metadata from security devices and network data sources.
  • Eliminating the need for procuring and deploying costly intrusion detection system agents.
  • Providing risk notification across your global IT environment without added cost.

Core managed security monitoring

  • Device management: maintaining security and network devices for you.
  • Security consultation: our experienced consultants employ proven methodology and knowledge of best practices in a broad range of industries.

Comprehensive log archiving

  • Raw log archiving.
  • Capacity to process deep queries and reports.
  • Comprehensive suite of reference and analysis tools.
  • System logs, files and load effective address (LEA) and simple network management protocol (SNMP) alerts.

Early problem detection

  • Recording failed logins and analysis and remediation of causes.
  • Monitoring application stability.
  • Managing traffic volume and bandwidth.
  • Identifying anomalies that impact upon message volume or network policy.
  • Helping machines to learn - avoiding repetition of downtime.

When combined with BT Assure Threat Monitoring, Assure Log Retention customers also receive:

A comprehensive correlation engine called Socrates

  • Socrates, BT's proprietary correlation engine, matches your unique network information with threats, attack signatures, patterns and known vulnerabilities.
  • Eliminates false readings and identifies real threats faster than any comparable service.
  • Responds to threats with immediate and precise recommendations.

24/7 compliance monitoring

  • 24/7 incident response.
  • 100 per cent log retention.
  • Integrity and presentation of data is legally admissible.
  • User access to programs and data is constantly monitored and reviewed
  • All logs are collected to BT secure facilities.
  • A subset of your critical devices are monitored 24/7.

Who should buy


Assure Log Retention, is available in conjunction with BT Assure Threat Monitoring. It is suitable for organisations of any size who wish to manage the burden of compliance reporting and focus on core business issues.

Why BT

A continuing investment in managed compliance and security

There are six good reasons to choose BT for your security and compliance needs:

  • Depth of experience in managed security: BT has more than 15 years experience providing managed security for enterprises and governments.
  • A commitment to global reach and scale: we have 11 Secure Operation Centres around the globe monitoring networks in 170 different countries.
  • Range of visibility and insight: we can monitor and compare security data from any of your critical assets able to send us system logs.
  • Objective security advice: BT has a close technical relationship with the leading security product vendors.
  • Strong commitment: our investment in managed security to deliver the best security infrastructure is second to none.
  • Expertise with regulation worldwide: we can help you respond to audits promptly and confidently.



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