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The benefits

You’re only as secure as your weakest link

Poor email security is one of the main causes of security breaches, so it makes sense to have a service dedicated to protecting you from malicious mail-based activity and spam. We’ll inspect and filter all your incoming mail, and then isolate it if it’s suspect.

Keep your servers safe from harm
Our message security service, Assure Message Scan, is a hosted service we provide with Symantec, making it easy to deploy, with no hardware needed on site – viruses, spam, and malware are blocked before they can even reach your servers.

Control message content
You can choose from a ‘pick and mix’ range of services including email anti-virus, email anti-spam, email content control and image control.

Reduce downtime, cut costs
Malware email-based attacks cost businesses time and money – but not if you stop them before they reach you. You’ll also benefit from economies of scale because we spread our service costs across a large group of customers.

Be fast, not furious
We can process millions of emails per day, with zero impact on the speed and efficiency of your messages.

BT unquestionably has a pivotal role in the security sphere. However, the expertise and experience of its people is equally valuable in helping us apply technology for business advantage.”
- Major Dave Whitaker, Head of Voice Services, DE&S ISS

What it costs

What it costs

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More reasons to buy

You’re in control

Always up-to-date: all internet security programs need updating. As Assure Message Scan is network-based, updates happen automatically, with checks for updates every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Powerful: the system is strong enough to handle hundreds of thousands of users and millions of emails every day. Assure Message Scan customers benefit from sharing a robust, resilient fully-managed architecture without having to invest in or maintain their own software and hardware.

Fast: it only takes 1.5 seconds to process the average email using Assure Message Scan. So there’s no noticeable effect on the speed of emails coming in.

Save admin costs, time and resources: you control how the service handles suspect traffic and email. It operates unobtrusively in the background to free up human resources and bandwidth and significantly cut demand on your valuable storage space.

Technical specs

Powerful, comprehensive protection for your mail

We provide our message security service, Assure Message Scan, with Symantec. It offers:

Email virus scanning: Assure Message Scan sits in the network, so infected emails never reach it. All inbound and outbound SMTP (email) traffic goes through a dedicated Virus Control Centre (VCC). Here, four different anti-virus applications scan every email. The service works alongside virus control at the gateway and desktop, rather than replacing it.

Virus-scanning applications: Assure Message Scan processes each email through four different virus-scanning operations. Three are well-known commercial anti-virus programs (McAfee, F-Secure and V-Find).

These programs search for known computer viruses. They’re constantly updated because the service automatically polls for updated signature files from their manufacturers every ten minutes.

The fourth anti-virus scanner, Skeptic™, is unique to this service. Skeptic™ is a heuristic and rules-based anti-virus scanner that helps the system react intuitively to any new outbreak immediately without depending on third-party anti-virus vendors.

Web filtering: Assure Message Scan web filtering safeguards you against web-borne malware, web misuse and offensive content. Our solutions include:

  • URL-Filtering – helping you block websites, filter web access and monitor your employees’ usage
  • Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus – protecting your business from a wide range of spyware and virus threats. 



The Assure Message Scan service is available to customers around the world.


Email Protection around the Clock

The Assure Message Scan service protects all your network based email applications.



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