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Providing you with the intelligence to keep your organisation safe

To survive and thrive, any organisation needs to identify cyber threats early.  Security intelligence is only useful if it is timely, relevant and actionable. The best way to defend against security threats is to be prepared and proactive. Receiving a stream of data and analysis after an incident is really too late.

BT Assure Threat Intelligence is a service capability which is genuinely global in scope and is built upon a proven ability to recognise, categorise and provide advice around the mitigation of cyber threats at a strategic and operational level.  The service can help you develop a multi-dimensional defence strategy and build a no-surprises operating model with the ability to respond in an efficient, effective manner when threat issues emerge.

We gather information and turn it into intelligence that you can actually use and act upon.  As a global network operator we are in a position to immediately identify emerging real and potential threats wherever they may come from.  Our analysts have specialist sources for collecting data and assessing threats, supplemented with a wide range of strategic partnerships with world-class organisations that cooperate with us on gathering intelligence.  We also blend physical and logical information to build a full picture of threats and deliver information that is timely, relevant and actionable for you.

Assure Threat Intelligence benefits

  • Minimise risk - forewarned is forearmed, Assure Threat Intelligence enables you to adopt a proactive rather than reactive stance to cyber defence, which  can significantly reduce your risk profile and protect you from the negative impact of a cyber-attack.
  • Enhance in-house capability – Our service can act as a significant ‘force-multiplier’ to your own cyber security resources and we can work with you to develop and enhance your cyber defence strategy, helping you gain control over the vulnerabilities you are exposed to.
  • Gain time to prepare - given the nature of our business, we have early insight of what lies ahead and needs defending against. We can therefore advise you on threat trends and new technologies or solutions that drive a more informed protection against security incidents.
  • Reduce costs - any breach of security has a financial impact, whether it’s on business reputation, theft of intellectual property or fraud.  Assure Threat Intelligence gives you the latest knowledge so that you can protect

Assure Threat Intelligence features

  • Complete global intelligence visibility - Assure Threat Intelligence enhances both customer and security analyst capabilities with improved focus on critical security intelligence through a rich set of data.
  • Technology neutral threat assessment - BT Assure Threat Intelligence covers all technology vendor platforms.
  • Unique global view – Our global data network provides a unique perspective on security threats that allows advanced analysis across a vast threat landscape that encompasses multiple devices, multiple geo-political environment sectors, and also across the BT Assure Threat Monitoring customer base, all of which enriches the threat assessment.
  • Security experts – BTs intelligence hubs are staffed with highly skilled analysts who can be depended on for accurate and reliable responses, ensuring you are always ahead of the threats.
  • Integrated access to BT Assure Intelligence Analytics - an award winning capability for interactive security data exploration and fine-grained visualisation and analysis of security events.
  • Totally customisable to the threats being faced – the advanced option can be designed to meet precise customer needs.

Assure Threat Intelligence specifications

BT will conduct threat horizon scanning and assessment, utilising innovative techniques and systems, backed up by solid, reliable intelligence assessment from experienced analysts.

The service is built using the following guiding principles:

  • To use a “behaviours led” approach to identify threats
  • To identify threats early
  • To identify, categorise and accurately assess threat and current customer intelligence requirements
  • To foster best practice intelligence sharing communities within sectors and geographies that will increase the flow of actionable intelligence
  • To take a risk and resiliency approach to reduce potential downtime

Tailored options

Choose from three levels of service:

  1. The Assure Threat Intelligence Entry service offer is a 'Cross Sector' briefing. It is a weekly report that provides a scan of the cyber threat horizon by regional, sector and technical perspectives at a fixed annual cost.
  2. The Standard level of service is for a customer with an intelligence requirement specific to a sector such as Finance, Defence or Energy. They are also more detailed than the entry level reports, offering a deeper analysis and insight across logical and physical threats.
  3. An Advanced and Advanced+ service is also available that provides a bespoke solution designed to address a customer’s specific needs. Includes dedicated scanning and up to four additional and customer defined ad-hoc technical threat reports per year.

Why BT

Global view - As a global network operator we are in a position to immediately identify emerging and potential threats wherever they may come from

Intelligence network - We have a wide range of strategic partnerships with world-class organisations that cooperate with us on gathering intelligence.

Skills in-depth - Human intelligence is critical. No matter how advanced a technology, there will always be an attack that will get around it. This is where people enter the equation. We have 600 global security specialists, 2,000 security practitioners and over 4,000 professional services consultants world-wide

Experience and heritage - BT Security is building on 70 years’ experience of helping organisations around the globe and across all sectors get ahead of the threat curve and reduce the uncertainty and complexity of security. We provide an end-to-end capability to help organisations enjoy higher levels of security at a time when security budgets struggle to keep pace with the threat landscape.

More than technology - The sophistication of our security operations means that we think about the assets, the people, and the processes, and combine these with both network and security intelligence to help our customers stay ahead of the security risks. BT Security protects both BT and its customers. These customers are advised by a global team of 2,000 security practitioners and professional services consultants.

We don't ignore physical threat information - We blend physical and logical information to build a full picture of threats.

A global view of cyber threats

BT Assure Threat Intelligence is a global service, available in over 170 countries worldwide.



BT Assure Threat Intelligence

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Providing you with the intelligence to help keep your organisation safe