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BT One Mobile secure access

Secure remote access – connect anywhere, on any device

BT One Mobile secure access lets your people stay connected, securely, anywhere they go, on any device.

You already know that your staff, customers, suppliers and partners aren’t just working on PCs any more. They’re using their own laptops, smartphones and tablets too. That can make them more productive, make you greener and cut costs. But it also makes secure access more vital than ever, especially in a business continuity situation. We make it happen by providing secure connections to your network and applications, and letting you manage access to both via broadband or our 6.5 million global wi-fi hotspots.

BT One Mobile secure access benefits

Give people freedom to work anywhere. BT One Mobile secure access covers all devices, from all providers, with some of the best technology on the market for security, management and global access. Your people can connect however they want, with fixed broadband, mobile broadband or wi-fi from almost anywhere in the world.

Be more flexible – and more productive. If your culture and infrastructure supports mobile and flexible working, it can help cut costs, boost productivity and help you meet sustainability goals. And with staff happier because they can work how they want to, you’ll be more likely to hold on to them for longer.

Spend less on travel, property and admin. When you invest in flexible working, your organisation could cut running costs by up to 30 per cent and get your money back within 18 months. And when you use us as your only supplier, with one bill to cover everything, your IT team can concentrate on other things.

Keep your information safe. We use strong, multi-layered security, so if someone is connecting from an internet café or home network they’re just as secure as if they’re using a business device or their own smartphone. Your data is always protected, and you’re in total control of who has access.

Secure remote access specifications

We developed BT One Mobile secure access to let mobile employees connect to your corporate network simply and securely, anywhere in the world, via fixed or wireless networks.

You’ll get strong security, support services, a simple user experience, global access and comprehensive management information.

It’s easy for your users: Your users don’t pay to get connected, so they can confidently log in and get working wherever they are. There are two ways to connect: through our user interface (a small Windows application), or through our smart device app, which connects users to our secure wi-fi service at over 6.5 million hotspots worldwide.

Robust and flexible security: One of our mobile security features is SSL (secure sockets layer). This means your users with different devices, using any standard browser, all get secure remote access. We can set it up very quickly, so it’s an ideal solution if something unexpected happens and you need to get staff working remotely. We can also run the service in the cloud, if you think you might need to scale up or down.

Secure identity checks: The other side of security is making sure the people using devices are who they should be. For authentication, you can choose from USB tokens, key fobs, soft tokens and one-off passwords sent to mobile phones.

Available globally

BT One Mobile secure access is available around the world.