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BT Assure Denial of Service Mitigation

Protect your revenue and brand with DDOS protection

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is a common type of cyber-attack which works by flooding a target internet site or web application with a high number of hits which swamps the device or application and so causes legitimate users to be “denied” access.

BT Assure DDoS mitigation works by ‘cleaning’ the internet traffic.

When an unusual quantity or type of traffic is detected, the protection system is activated. This then starts the process of separating the DDoS attack traffic from the normal requests. Any unsafe requests get directed to a Threat Management System, while the safe requests can continue on to their destination.

When a DDoS attack is identified, the mitigation takes place in milliseconds. The IP address under attack doesn’t experience any downtime, and business can continue as usual, no matter the scale or frequency of attacks.


BT has a single platform for detection and mitigation. This means we can automatically detect rogue traffic, with no human involvement and take action very quickly to protect our customer’s network.

By using a cloud-based solution, the DDoS attack is mitigated before it hits the customer’s network and, in some cases, even before it enters the network. This means limited or no impact on the customer’s business and no compromised performance.

Assure DDOS mitigation is designed as a modular, subscription service, so different levels of protection can be added as required with no capital expenditure.


Our mitigation service for BT’s networks comes in three bands: bronze, silver and gold. These vary according to the level of protection needed. At the highest level, we provide 24 hour security operations’ centre support, we contact the customers proactively when unusual activity is detected and we provide intelligence reports on the customer’s status.

BT, working together with Arbor, successfully mitigated a recent attack on a large UK retail organisation of 54 Gb/sec.                

DDOS specifications

BT is the only supplier to provide a single platform for detection and mitigation. Our auto-mitigation service means extremely quick detection and protection for our customers.

BT’s team of DDoS experts based in our UK state-of-the-art security operations centre have over seven years of experience dealing with attacks.

We have the unique ability to seamlessly integrate our DDoS offering with a BT-provided Internet Connect network. We’re a one-stop-shop.

We have partnered with world-class DDoS vendor Arbor for the past seven years and, together, developed the comprehensive solutions that are offered to our customers today.

The following tiered levels of protection provide flexibility and choice for our customers.


  • Entry-level service providing automated detection and mitigation
  • No limit to the number of auto mitigations performed in a year
  • Alerting services
  • Weekly reports

Silver (bronze, plus the following):

  • Flexible, self-service monitoring and reporting options specified by the customer
  • Increased layer 7 capability giving combined cloud and CPE protection
  • Up to 16 amendments to denial of service monitoring configurations per year at no charge
  • A DDoS portal is included as part of the service, allowing the monitoring of thresholds and mitigation actions to be viewed alongside any events
  • BT security experts available to assist at the customer’s request.

Gold (silver, plus the following):

  • 24/7 proactive support from BT’s highly trained security analysts and active reach out to the customer if BT suspect the customer to be the subject of an attack or planned attack
  • Unlimited amendments to denial of service monitoring configurations and actions

Available across the UK

Assure DDOS Mitigation is currently available to customers in the UK. Global capability upon request.



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