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56% of executives say slow decision making by managers and colleagues is the largest problem they face in doing their work (The Collaboration Paradox – BT Sept 2012). Speed of decision-making can be significantly increased by having the right people available at the right time. Our unified communications and collaboration solutions make this possible.

People have high expectations of how they should be able to collaborate at work – driven by the impact of advanced technologies on the entertainment experience. We make things simple, and give users the best experience, backed by high end support. So using our conferencing and collaboration tools becomes business as usual, quickly.


Increased agility
Making it easy to use means that distributed teams can work more effectively on sales, marketing, recruitment, company strategy and other crucial functions, creating a much more collaborative organisation.

Increased speed of decision making
Ultra-high quality video conferencing, the best audio conferencing and integrated web conferencing, can give you instant access to specialists anywhere in the world. To help you make decisions quickly, on detailed product designs, for example.

Improved productivity and job satisfaction
Getting people together on a conference, wherever they are, whatever device they are using, means they need to travel less, so they can spend more time on the important things.

Reduced costs
Your costs are reduced through savings on travel, savings on access costs, management and support, and taking away the need to invest in a lot of infrastructure to make it all work together.


For video, our new cloud-based video conferencing solutions make it simple to for anyone to join. We make video more engaging and much easier to use; easy to schedule a conference and easy to join a conference. BT MeetMe video delivers this through our existing audio MeetMe platform, so you can use the same chairperson and participant details for your integrated audio and video conferences. We also deliver Cisco Collaborate Meeting Rooms, for our customers that use WebEx, which is fully integrated with BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice.

In partnership with Dolby®, we deliver BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice — an exclusive, best-in-class audio conferencing service. Spatial sound, noise reduction and HD quality make you feel like you are in a face to face meeting. It’s available on PC, Mac, Smartphone and the Dolby Conference Phone and now it even integrates with Microsoft Lync Meetings and Cisco WebEx web conferences. Users prefer it to standard audio conferencing and it can save you 30% on access costs because it is a VOIP service.

Our conferencing solutions work together, with each other, and with your existing unified communications. For example, our global BT MeetMe with Dolby voice service allows users to initiate and manage their audio conferences directly from their Cisco WebEx interface. This can be done either by dial back to a PSTN line or from the Dolby voice VoIP connection. Our integration with Microsoft Lync lets you realise the cost savings of audio conferencing through Lync, as well as including more people in your conference who may not be able to use Lync audio.

Our management services, tools and solutions make it easy to organise and run a high quality video conference. Join your systems together without having to rip everything out and start again, so that you can talk to customers, partners and suppliers on the systems they are using.

Adding Dolby sound expertise to BT Conferencing brings new levels of clarity to business conversations.

Our conferencing solutions work together, with each other, and with your existing unified communications. For example, our global BT MeetMe call-back service from Cisco WebEx, so users incur no charges and active speaker is shown in the conference. And integration with Microsoft Lync so that you can still realise the cost savings of audio conferencing through Lync, as well as including more people in your conference who may not be able to use Lync audio.

Our management services, tools and solutions make it easy to organise and run a high quality video conference. Join your systems together without having to rip everything out and start again, so that you can talk to customers, partners and suppliers on the systems they are using.

We experience excellent HD video quality at just 512kbps. However, to prevent any risk of network congestion, when there are many simultaneous video conferences taking place on high usage links, the system automatically adjusts the compression rate of the codecs. That way everyone can continue their video conferences uninterrupted at just a slightly reduced picture quality.”
- Andrea Landini, IT Service Delivery & Architecture Manager, Indesit

Conferencing and collaboration specifications

Our position as a global conferencing leader gives our customers an edge in collaboration. We have 30 years of experience supplying pioneering services for audio, video, web and streaming collaboration. And we build, deliver and manage some of the most complex conferencing solutions for customers worldwide.

  • 1,200 employees worldwide focused only on collaboration.
  • We offer ultimate flexibility – the widest range of choice of deployment models in the market place today – public cloud, private cloud and onsite, enabling you to make use of your existing investments.
  • We are a leading provider of Cisco and Polycom HD video solutions. Polycom’s Global Service Provider of the Year (EMEA 2013, US 2010).
  • We offer access to the broadest TelePresence community including directly connected customers plus access to customers of other leading exchange providers.
  • We are a founding and board member of the Open Visual Communications Consortium
  • Using conferencing in BT has helped each one of our home workers reduce their annual carbon emissions by 1.4 tonnes per year.
  • We have over 47,000 conferencing customers and 1,000,000 end-users worldwide
    - 54 of the Fortune 100
    - 4 of the top 10 collaboration services users worldwide, are BT customers
  • We have over 1m IP Phones deployed globally and manage over 1000 TelePresence rooms.
  • We are the only company to offer Dolby quality audio conferencing solutions.

Our UC deployments are underpinned by our award-winning One Voice network which consolidates voice and data onto a single managed network. We deliver on-net audio conferencing on One Voice which can save you 45% on your standard audio conferencing costs.

Our global conferencing solutions, work together with each other and with your existing UC solutions. This lets you to combine audio, video, web and streaming to make sure your people have the right tools, and the right support in place, to collaborate effectively.

Audio Conferencing

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice audio conferencing solution is revolution in audio conferencing that is exclusive to BT. Meeting attendees truly feel as if they’re in the same room. Participants are more able to engage naturally and interact in a dynamic conversation. It delivers:

  • High quality sound: background noise reduction combined with high definition quality.
  • Voice separation: sounds come from different directions (just like being around a meeting room table).

It is a complete VOIP solution, which means you can save 30% on traditional audio conferencing access costs. It is available through your desktop PC, or using a smart phone with the mobile app and now also from a meeting room, using the new Dolby® Conference Phone. We’ve even integrated the service with Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Lync. Everyone can hear and be heard with pinpoint clarity so meetings are less tiring and more interactive.

Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing services include a broad range of video services, video endpoints and video infrastructure solutions. We also deliver and integrate UC platforms capable of the very latest HD video.

The complexity and scale of video systems in our customers’ organisations is rapidly increasing. With our video managed services, video bridging and industry expertise, we help you manage this complexity so that you make the most of your existing investment. We are one of only a handful of providers to deliver video bridging services in US, Europe and APAC, so there is less latency and video conferences are of a higher quality.

And our new cloud video solutions allow almost anyone to join video conferences, provided you have a network connection and a standards-based video endpoint. They are simple to use. Arrange a video conference without concerning yourself about who can join using what technology. Join a video conference by simply clicking a link.

We deliver two cloud video solutions, BT MeetMe video and Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms.

  • BT MeetMe video, offers a single service for all your audio and video conferencing needs, we’ve removed the complexity of arranging a meeting. BT MeetMe video provides the flexibility to collaborate wherever you like, on the device and network most convenient to you. You use a single set of meeting passcodes, to join a video conference that does not need to be scheduled using special tools or helpdesk, you just send out the link.
  • Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms offers a simple video conferencing experience for customers that base their collaboration strategy around Cisco WebEx. Cisco WebEx delivered by BT provides an excellent rich collaboration experience and has BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice fully integrated; giving high quality video with outstanding audio.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing enhances audio and video collaboration allowing customers to see, share and update documents online while on a call. As with the other One Collaborate products, our web solutions can be integrated with our audio and video services and easily enhanced with special features and plug-ins, such as WebJoin, a quick and easy way to invite anyone to your web conference, all you need is a single password.

Integrated BT MeetMe with Dolby voice audio conferencing enables call-back or dial in over IP so users, don’t need to remember dial in details and the active speaker is shown in the conference – useful if you are in a large conference and you want to know who is speaking. We can also deliver two-way desktop and Telepresence video in the same WebEx session which allows users on different video systems to see video and share documents via a WebEx session.


Streaming lets you share information on a one to many basis which could be live or on demand. Typically, streaming is associated with a higher quality viewing need for video, for example, where a company seeks to deliver an event driven production. Our managed streaming services will manage your corporate bandwidth more effectively using software peering technology – the more computers that connect to the stream the more efficient the desktop client becomes.

BT One Collaborate availability

Our conferencing services are predominantly cloud-based which means that we can deliver them globally. There are some exceptions in terms of country availability but few providers can match our global footprint and our underlying network available in over 170 countries.

For BT MeetMe audio conferencing, global access numbers are available in over 50 countries around the world. These numbers give your participants the convenience of dialling into the conference call using an international toll free, domestic toll free or local dial-in number, avoiding international long distance charges.

For specific questions on country availability please contact your BT account manager.



BT One Collaborate

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