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BT Assure Managed Cloud

Protection for your web traffic

Our secure web gateway provides real-time protection for your web traffic.

BT Assure Managed Cloud, supports all different work styles and corporate connectivity needs. All employees, wherever they are based and whatever technologies they use, can now connect securely and safely to company resources. Offered as a cloud-based service, it helps ensure consistent protection and policy for everyone, both inside and outside the network—including mobile users and devices.


Cut your exposure to risk
Scanning web traffic in real time, blocking viruses, spyware and other malware before it reaches your network

Protect your reputation
Block access to websites that contain inappropriate content in line with your usage policy

Stay in control
You define all your access rules and permissions, for corporate and remote users and changes take effect worldwide, immediately.

Stay flexible
The cloud-based web gateway provides, flexible pricing options, and has the advantage of no hardware, software or maintenance costs. This service helps ensure consistent protection and policy for all users, both inside and outside the network—including mobile users and devices.


  • Provides the most effective defence against web-based malware
  • Protects confidential or private information from leaving your network to the web, whether intentional or accidental
  • Organisations can take advantage of the business benefits of web-based applications, such as Facebook, without having to block the entire site
  • Access can be allowed to appropriate applications and content while preventing the use of those that might increase risk or impact on productivity
  • Roaming users are protected without the time delays
  • New users can be added when needed, and new features or applications quickly activated

BT Assure Managed Cloud Specifications

Controlling your risk

Web Malware Scanning:

  • Proactively blocks web malware before it reaches the company network
  • Helps protect against zero-hour threats
  • Reduces patching and updates
  • Eliminates downtime and remediation of infected desktops

Web Filtering:

  • Protects company network and staff from undesirable web content
  • Increases productivity by limiting time spent on recreational surfing
  • Reduces bandwidth congestion
  • Ensures confidentiality by masking sites that collect information
  • Provides comprehensive global Web Intelligence Reporting 

Assure Managed Cloud is available to customers globally.



Further information

Dealing Securely with Clouds

PDF - 1.0 MB

A paper looking at the impact of cloud security in the finance sector