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Optimise reusable mobile assets and improve operational efficiency.

BT Asset Trace is a solution that enables organisations to manage RTIs and other mobile re-usable assets. It uses barcodes and/or RFID tags and readers to identify and track each asset within a single closed loop environment – which is not necessarily restricted to your own premises, but can cover your whole supply chain eco-system, from suppliers to customers.

BT Asset Trace helps you to:

Trace and locate mobile assets with information gathered data from individual devices including location, time and date to give you full traceability.

Manage assets with accurate status reports and lifecycle management tools to monitor each asset through its life. You can check the position of any RTI in your supply chain, where it has been, if it is where it should be and what condition it is in.

Maximise your reusable mobile asset base with routing, demand forecasting and planning functionality.

With our earlier system, managing traceability was a bottleneck in our production line, and even led to delays in the delivery of products. Now it is all carried out in real time simultaneously along with the filling of the containers. The system means greater reliability in the delivery of products to our distributors. It also improves the traceability of products, giving us access to data via standard office IT applications.”
- Enric Hernandez Monton, Department of Engineering and Maintenance BASF, Espanola

BT supply chain specialists can help scope out your requirements and develop the business case to demonstrate the ROI of deploying BT Asset Trace. For more information, please contact your BT account manager or click ‘get a  quote’.

The BT experience of complex data interactions over our global network combined with our worldwide infrastructure and service provision aligns precisely with the demands of modern supply chain systems. 

Combined with our security expertise and track record of successful system integrations, BT is ideally positioned to help solve today’s key supply chain challenges. We offer customers the opportunity to embrace the future, exploiting advances in technology to handle large data applications using our BT Cloud Compute infrastructure and network. 

We are committed to developing sector-focused solutions and investing in innovation in our supply chain portfolio. 

BT has the right qualities to be a trusted partner in the global supply chain. They include: 

Experience and expertise. We have proven experience of delivering large-scale supply chain solutions. 

Industry collaboration. We play an active part in setting and promoting global standards through participation in organisations such as GS1 and EPC global, and other industry and academic organisations including the National Retail Federation, ELUPEG, ECR and Tsinghua University. 

End-to-end global capability. A truly global organisation, BT has the resources and infrastructure to set up and run large scale supply chain solutions around the world; we serve the needs of customers in more than 170 countries. 

Security expertise. We are one of the largest security and business continuity practices in the world with over 1,300 security professionals globally, helping governments and businesses secure their information and processes. 

World class consulting and integration. BT is an expert in systems integration and in data capture technology and can design innovative solutions for specialist needs. Our global professional services community numbers 4,500 and is recognised by industry analysts as being world class.

Easy deployment. Our solutions are available as fully managed services, where BT assumes responsibility for regular service delivery, maintenance and upgrades, making it easier for you to implement and scale as needed. 

Innovation and future proofing. We work with the leading technology providers; we monitor and review developments in IT and design all our solutions to evolve as your needs change or technology advances. BT has spent more than £5 billion on research and development in its products and services over the last five years and employs 8,000 scientists and technologists globally.

Technical Specification

Features of BT Asset Trace include:

  • Centralised reporting and search facilities at both site and aggregate level to locate missing and misplaced assets
  • Automated check in and out of assets
  • Commissioning/decommissioning single and multiple assets
  • Intuitive status reports on checked items, inventory, history and log information
  • Facility for disaster recovery of data

BT Asset Trace is scalable from single to multiple locations worldwide and integrates with enterprise SCM, WMS, MRP and ERP systems.

BT will manage the provision and integration of all hardware and software. Our professional services team can help you develop the business case, evaluate the concept with a full pilot and provide ongoing support for implementation and operation.

All your data can be hosted at a BT data centre, to provide complete backward and forward traceability of all RTIs


Available globally

BT Global Trace is available globally.

Service level Agreement

Service that matches your needs

Service Level Agreements will be specified to meet the requirements of your business.




BT Asset Trace

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