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Optimises users and network investment

BT Connect Applications is our managed services portfolio that that helps you ensure your end users and customers recieve an experience that will delight them and optimise your network investments without having to invest in expensive specialist expertise.

Connect Applications gives you visilbility of the service level your customers’ and end users’ are getting from the applications they use, how the hybrid-enterprise network is performing, allows you to control and optimise the performance according to business priorities. Simply, our point of view is that Connect Applications is essential to optimise investments.


  • Optimises your network investment, so you don’t spend more than you need. With end to end visibility and control over your application delivery chain, together with optimisation technologies, you only need to buy the network capacity you really need and minimise investment.
  • Understand the performance of your web presence, so you can maximise your ecommerce revenues. Research by Amazon suggests that for every additional 100ms extra delay, sales decrease by 1. We can help you understand how your site performs, how it compares against industry benchmarks and what can be done to improve performance and therefore your sales.
  • Reducing support costs, keep your organisation productive. Gain visibility of your end user experience of the applications they use, so you can detect and resolve problems fast
  • Manage and control the performance of your applications, so your business runs smoothly. Whether you applications are in the cloud or hosted in your own datacentres, we can help you manage and control performance based on your business priorities.
  • er and keep your users happy and productive.
  • Manage and control the performance of your applications, so your business runs smoothly. Whether you applications are in the cloud or hosted in your own datacentres, we can help you manage and control performance based on your business priorities.
  • Ensure your unified communications applications get the bandwidth they need, so you can ensure your deployment is a success. Research shows that one of the major barriers to the adaption of unified communication is concern over quality of service, we can help by ensuring that 98 of call will get the bandwidth they need.
  • Managed service, leading expertise. Working with the industry leaders for over 10 years, we have perfected our managed services, so you can reduce the risk and gain the benefits quickly.
We’ve moved from routinely adding expensive bandwidth by ordering ever-larger pipes to putting in smaller pipes that are more efficient, cost us much less and are many times faster.” Anglo American estimates BT Connect Optimisation will save it tens of millions of pounds in network costs over the lifetime of the contract.
- David Walls, Global Infrastructure Architecture Manager, Anglo American                

BT Connect Applications specifications

Connect Applications – Applications Visiblity with Dynatrace (Compuware)

  • Applications Performance Monitoring. Provides granular performance monitoring of applications and internal user experience..
  • Web Performance Monitoring. This starts to look outside the organisation monitoring actual users end-users experience of websites, inlcuidng e-commerce applications, to identify and resolve problems no matter where they occur in the application delivery chain.
  • Unified Dashboard. The unified Dashboard enables better decision making by providing business-relevant information for different stakeholders who are either involved in service delivery or affected by it. It correlates any third-party data, without replacing any tools. The dashboard provides drill down capabilities. The dashboard is also available on a range of devices include tablets, ideal for the CIO, and IT staff on the move.

Connect Acceleration - WAN Optimisation with Riverbed

BT Connect Acceleration based on Riverbed Technology can improve the performance of our customers’ business applications across global networks by up to 200 times whilst reducing network bandwidth demands by typically 30-60. The impact can be transformational, enabling our customers to move to consolidated IT models and cloud services. Connect Acceleration can improve application performance for customers who have already tried this and suffer from severe application delays.

Connect Acceleration can help customers to achieve key strategic goals and can provide return on investment within 7 months. Connect Acceleration enables companies to accelerate all TCP Applications for remote sites and mobile users, optimise bandwidth, centralise data and consolidate infrastructure.

Connect Optimisation – WAN Optimisation and Control with Ipanema

BT Connect Optimisation – based on Ipanema technology will help you prioritise your business critical applications and manage non business critical traffic over both private Wide Area Networks and the Internet reducing cost and application downtime.

Connect Optimisation is the next generation in application and WAN management moving beyond the traditional approach to Class of Service (CoS) and supercharging business critical applications as well as managing noncritical traffic to cut costs and application downtime. Connect Optimisation Dynamic WAN Selection feature is the leading solution to balance traffic across private network and Internet VPN while at the same monitoring and protecting Cloud application. 

Available across 5 continents

Connect Applications is available in 89 countries and terriorties around the world

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Understand user experience with Connect Intelligence

Understanding end-user experience and being able to identify causes of poor performance is becoming increasingly difficult. BT can leverage SaaS, Cloud, and on-premise techniques to deliver managed services that will help you understand your complex application delivery chain. This will boost performance, increase revenue and protect brand loyalty.

Accelerate the performance of your applications with Connect Acceleration

Connect Acceleration business application performance by up to 100 times whilst reducing network bandwidth demands by up to 60 per cent. It can help you achieve strategic goals and may provide return on investment within 7 months. It is a fully managed service offering lower total cost of ownership, improved bandwidth usage and greater business efficiency.

Prioritise applications with Connect Optimisation

Connect Optimisation is the next generation of network management, providing dynamic allocation of network resources on a per-application and per-user basis. These resources are allocated based on the business objectives a company is attempting to achieve through the use of their applications. It leverages techniques such as ‘smart path’, which can help manage traffic across multiple networks.